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The Pilo-Center was created to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art multidisciplinary care to patients suffering from Pilonidal disease, also called Pilonidal Cyst or Pilonidal Sinus.  "Pilonidal" means "nest of hairs" in Latin, and some pilonidal patients actually develop a lump of hair stuck underneath thte skin in the natal cleft (area between the buttocks), which then causes infections.  Infection can cause pain, and lead to open wounds, draining pus, and all sorts of things that make this condition a literal pain in the bottom! 

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Dr. Rosen is a proud member of the International Pilonidal Society


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Treatments we offer

  • - Non-operative approach (wound care, hair removal, hygiene)
  • - Minimally invasive surgical approaches

  •        - "Pit Picking"
           - Gips Procedure
           - EPSIT Procedure (endoscopic video-assisted pilonidal sinus surgery)

  • - Bascom Cleft Lift (Modified Karydakis Flap)

When we evaluate someone at the Pilo-Center they will receive a custom treatment plan with the intent of giving the best chance at permanent healing, with the least amount of intervention.  While we are happy to do surgery for any patient who needs it, we prefer to always start with the least aggressive option.  No one approach is right for every single patient, but we'll help you figure out what's best for you or your child.